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1 on 1 Hourly Rate $900 HKD
Our 1-on-1 sessions, I will take you through workouts designed to help you reach your specific goals sooner. Youˇ¦ll learn proper form and technique to maximize your results while reducing your risk of injury. It is ideal if youˇ¦re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, improve posture and flexibility, increase sports performance, or simply increase your energy.

2 on 1 Hourly Rate $1,000 HKD
Partners Training is perfect for couples, friends or teammate. During our 2-on-1 sessions, I will take you and your partner through challenging and fun workouts. Itˇ¦s a great way to include some friendly competition and moral support in your fitness routine.

Terms & Conditions:
- 24 Hours notice given for session cancellation or full charge applies
- 3 Month expiry on 10 session package
- Sessions are non transferrable


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