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The term fitness can be used to describe your physical, mental, nutritional, emotional, social, or spiritual state. Lack of fitness in one of these aspects can affect the others. To achieve optimal quality of life we should aim to be fit in all areas; this is known as ˇ§total fitnessˇ¨ or ˇ§total wellness.ˇ¨ So a fit person should be able to cope with a high level of cardiovascular (CV) and muscular activity, cope with the stresses of everyday life, and form and maintain relationships. There are several factors affecting physical fitness.

Your genetic makeup will, to some extent, influence how your body responds when it is trained in different ways. This is compounded by the three basic body types that will also affect your fitness. Ectomorphs are lean, slim people and tend to be good at endurance events. Endomorphs are more rounded and tend to do well in events requiring all around ability. Mesomorphs build muscle easily and are generally good at sports involving jumping, throwing, and sprinting.


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